My Writing Life #3: What’s in a Name?

I’ve been a bit behind schedule when it comes to posting and in order to get back on track, I will be posting twice in the my writing life series. The first one being this one and I will hopefully post the second one tomorrow, no later than Thursday.

Today I wanted to talk about you guessed it, pen names! I’ve mentioned before in the About Me section of this site that I myself use a pen name in order to protect identity and privacy, but also to protect my family. The other reason that I made the decision to use a pen name was because my real name is so long and my last name can be hard to pronounce  and hard to spell. So for me, choosing to use a pen name just came natural to me.

Choosing a pen name on the other hand, was a whole other story.

For some, writers will choose names that have nothing to do with their real names or lives while others will just shorten their names. Then there are those, like myself, who choose to use their initials. I think I also mentioned on the About Me section (these days I feel lucky enough just to remember what I did yesterday) that the initials I chose to you were the first letters of mine and my mothers first names while the last name is my grandfathers first name. Thus, B.J. Roy was born…so to speak.

While using a pen name might make sense for some, like myself, it’s not meant for everyone. My suggestion for anyone who is thinking about using a pen name is to take the time to think this through. Choose a name that has some meaning to you, but is also easy to say and spell. Most importantly, make sure that you will be happy with your name as once you are known for that name, you are kind of stuck with it.

That’s all for now!




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