My Writing Life # 2: Scrivener

I was supposed to post this Friday, but with my childhood cat dying and getting a new kitten, things here at my house have been kind of hectic and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve been able to get some free time in order to do anything that involves writing so here we go!

Ever since I started writing, I have been doing so long hand with nothing more than a battered old notebook with the cover torn off and a pen that was probably missing its cap. This was something that I have done for years because it was so easy for me to pack it up and take it with me wherever I went. However, as I began taking the planning stages more seriously, it became more difficult to take my writing with me while out and about.

Enter Scrivener.

This program practically saved my writing. I heard about this program through several different writing groups on Facebook and decided to download the free trial. Within a day of me downloading this program andscreen-shot-2017-02-14-at-10-27-55-pm exploring it, I bought it and have been very happy with it ever since.

I use this program to not only write my book, but I also use it to outline as well. Instead of chapters, I name the folders after what I want to happen in that particular chapter and then I name the scenes after a characters POV. Doing it this way actually helps me to keep track of whats going on in my novel and I find it easy for me to go back and forth whenever I need to check on something.

For more information and pricing, you can check out the Scrivener website here



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