Good evening everyone!

I must admit that I mean to write this post earlier today, but between doing the laundry, cleaning my kitchen and doing some grocery shopping, time got away from me. Today (or rather tonight) I wanted to talk about characters and the importance they play in books. Whether you read books or write them, you know that just about every single book has at least one character in it (hopefully more). As I write my own book, I’m reminded how important characters are to a story.

You can have an awesome plot jammed pact with the perfect amount of action and romance, but without characters to put that plot into action, there won’t be a book…at least not a very good one. One of my favorite parts about writing is the planning stages and creating characters that I hope readers will love and connect to. I’m always on the hunt for pictures on the internet for people who I think would fit the physical description of my characters. For example, I looked to Pinterest to find fantasy type pictures that resembled my characters.

Anyways, if you’re anything like me and you have trouble keeping tack of your characters, then you’re probably looking for ways to keep track of the amount of characters that you have in your book. One way that I have found useful, is to name all of your scenes after that characters POV (point of view). This can be done using flash cards or Scrivener or any other methods that you use for outlining. For every scene that I write, I name that scene after that characters POV and I do this for a couple of reasons. The first being so I know who I am writing as and the second being so I can keep an eye  out for any type of power struggle. What I mean by that is if one character is getting all the scenes, but another character isn’t saying anything, then there’s obviously something wrong there and I need to make some adjustments.

Hopefully after reading this post, you will realize how important characters are to books (if you haven’t figured that out already). As for me, I’m going to shut everything down and try and get some sleep as the day is finally catching up with me.

Ta-ta for now!



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